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Service changes, service upgrades, appliances wired, Central air conditioning wired, in wall air conditioner feeds, ceiling fans, chandeliers wired,  light lifts installed, recessed lighting, soffit lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, attic fans installed, new construction, renovations, dormers wired,  kitchens & baths wired, generator installations and sold, violations removed, phone cable and network wiring,   pools &  hot tubs wired,  new dedicated circuit runs,  computer lines, oil & gas boilers wired, electric  heaters,  home automation, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors (CO2),  trouble shooting



Retail store wiring, warehouse, low & high bay lighting, variable frequency drives installed, network wiring,  commercial generator installations,  uninterrupted power supply (UPS) installations, lighting maintenance, ballast replacements, energy savings lighting up grades, service upgrades, new construction, renovations, lighting controllers, HVAC wired, trouble shooting

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Transformers wired, motor control wiring, service upgrades, machine wiring, low & high bay lighting, electrical maintenance, trouble shooting

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